The Form to upgrade are special filters that can modify the powers of the kwami ​​adapting them to a certain situation / climate.


Currently ten shapes are known, each of them has a different color. These are contained in foods (sardines for Lady Cat, popcorn for The Peacock and corn for Sparrowine).


As it was revealed in an image, each form has a special power:

  • Ice Form : Ability to withstand low temperatures and skate
  • Nature Form: Control and empathize with Nature
  • Dark/Night Form: Destroy and be immune to akuma / tompos
  • Sun Form: Fly and breathe in space
  • Digital Form: Super speed, teleport and surf the Internet
  • Aqua Form: Swim quickly and use the powers under water
  • Sonic Form: Miniaturization and sound control
  • Fire Form: Resistance to high temperatures and immune to fire
Fire Forms by Miraculka
  • Moon Form: Ability to fly
  • Heart Form: Ability to treat akumatized and purify akuma / tompos.
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