Kwamis are abstract creatures that communicate with the world thanks to Miraculouses. Each of them has different powers and can give them temporarily to those who own the Miraculous (carrier).


Each kwami ​​resembles the animal to which it is dedicated.


The kwamis ​​can give powers to the bearers only when they are inside the jewel. As it is revealed by Grandpa, if the kwami ​​are forced they risk that, to continue to exist and not to be damaged, they steal the vital energy of who is using his powers bringing it to weakening.They can also cross objects and use their powers even without being inside a Miraculous.A very special skill, revealed by Lòng, every kwami, to "camouflage" itself, can momentarily change shape and appearance. They can also be enhanced by emotions (such as Darkk and rosé Papillon) or by a spark of power from another Miraculous (as happened to Lóng and Grandpa).


• Grandpa reveals that if a carrier uses his powers against his kwami, the bond that links the kwami ​​with the Miraculous can be destroyed or damaged or even hurt the kwami ​​permanently.

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