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About the webseries

Sparrowine-and Aviis 3D Image by Akane.png
The series stems from a collaboration between various MLB fans including Ilaria Forever Winx, Trawberry Headcanon, Spork Pasta, Akane and many others. This series is made in 2D and will be produced in two languages: English and another language still unknown to the general public. The series was born from an idea by Ilaria Forever Winx that, after various efforts, has combined a team and new characters to work on for the web series. Currently the first episode is confirmed for the autumn of 2019 or near the Christmas period.

About Season 1

Miraculous: New Adventure of Heroes is a web series created by a team of Miracolous fans and inspired by it. In the first season, the two main heroes Sparrowine and The Peacock will have to face Papillon de Nuit and his allies including Shadow Fly, an old acquaintance of Master Haru, owner of the Miracle Box and all the Miraculous that it contains. But the two heroes will not be alone: ​​they will be joined by Ryujjin, Lady Cat, Serpentina and other heroes and of course by their kwami: Aviis and Paoon.