The Miraculouses are special jewels that give powers to those who own them.


Millions of years ago, a magician created the Miraculous to allow humans to use the powers of the kwami, ancient creatures that possess the energy of the cosmos inside them. In the centuries many heroes but also enemies used them to save people or achieve their goals. Among all are the two most powerful: the Peacock Miraculous and the Sparrow Miraculous who, if united in a unique miraculous called "crown of power" can make the wearer immune to everything and open a portal to the " Dimension of Memories"where a source of power is kept so powerful that it can make immortals and change reality: the famous Light of kwamis.

Powers and Abilities

Each Miraculous has different abilities and powers but each of them has two forms (dormant and active) to better hide the jewel. Moreover each of them has a special power that allows to control or influence the elements of nature or emotions. After having used it they can stay five minutes before turning back unless they are adults.

List of Miraculouses

All Miraculouses

An image of first layer of Miracle Box

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