Peacock Miraculous is a brooch that appears in the first season of Miraculous: New Adventures of Heroes.


The brooch resembles the tail of a peacock.It is composted by five blue feathers arranged in a semicircle.Each feather, in the upper part has a dark pink circle while the central part of the feather is blue.At the five feathers, there is a blue drop dark with the central black part.


The brooch gives the ability to create blue feathers (Amok) that can create monsters or other creatures from emotions (Sentimonster).

List of Owners



  • Master Haru


  • The miraculous, in the Miracle Box, represents the positivity (yin).
  • The Peacock Miraculous rapresents the protection of the soul.
  • In a promotional image Duusu also appears with Paoon but it is not yet clear what happened.
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