The Season 1 is has been confirmed 15th July 2019 with the publication of the episodes.


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"Aderyn and Sam are two common boys but when the Miraculous moth awakens, Master Haru gives him two Miraculous that will make them become Sparrowine and The Peacock. Between new adventures, friendships, love, romantic moments and allies and enemies, the two fourteen year olds will have to keep hidden to all their secret and not to mix their two lives."


  1. Hypnotic
  2. Light Up
  3. Cat Walk
  4. Dollmaker
  5. Ballerina
  6. Zodiachinese
  7. Power Sound
  8. Control Time
  9. Obliviator
  10. Clairboyant
  11. Anti-Power
  12. Fire Girl
  13. Trouble Ghost
  14. Amphibian
  15. Crystal Sphere: An Miraculous Xmas
  16. Battle Pard
  17. Summoner
  18. Unknown Power
  19. Miss Macaone
  20. Triton
  21. Copypower
  22. Golden Touch
  23. The trio of Dark-Heroes
  24. White Peacock
  25. Glassheart- The war of emotions
  26. Shadow Fly-The war of emotions
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